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Dream Land Relaxation -

This treatment is a luxurious full body experience. The service starts with a dry skin brushing followed by an application of our special warm Fiji organic coconut oil and ascends into a gentle, full body massage. Service includes a soothing eye mask during your blissful journey through total Dream Land.

60 minutes $70 

Himalayan Salt Stone Therapy - 

A restorative, full body treatment integrating Eastern medicine, Swedish massage, thermal and salt therapies.  Nourish, detoxify, replenish and balance your body with 84 natural minerals and elements from these pure, warmed, hand-carved stones. The pressure, motion, friction and thermal effect encourages cleansing; delivering a myriad of health benefits.  The stone’s natural properties also allow for gentle exfoliation to promote naturally smooth, silky skin and reduce signs of aging.  The ultimate in a soothing, healing and deeply relaxing massage.

60 minutes $70 (includes a pure, organic Himalayan salt treatment for the back)

90 minutes $100 (additionally includes pure, organic Himalayan salt treatments for the face and feet)

AromaTouch Technique - 

This powerful wellness experience is a "clinical approach to essential oil application" which consistently demonstrates its ability to combat stress, enhance immune function, decrease inflammation, and create homeostasis.

60 minutes $80

Lymphatic Drainage -

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a light-touch, therapeutic technique designed to gently stimulate and direct the movement of the lymphatic system by encouraging elimination of excess lymph and fluid; ultimately relieving lymphedema pressure and enhancing immune function.

30 minutes $50

60 minutes $80

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