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Dream Land Relaxation -

This treatment is a luxurious full body experience. The service starts with a dry skin brushing followed by an application of our special warm Fiji organic coconut oil and ascends into a gentle, full body massage. Service includes a soothing eye mask during your blissful journey through total Dream Land.

60 minutes $75

Himalayan Salt Stone Therapy - 

A restorative, full body treatment integrating Eastern medicine, Swedish massage, thermal and salt therapies.  Nourish, detoxify, replenish and balance your body with 84 natural minerals and elements from these pure, warmed, hand-carved stones. The pressure, motion, friction and thermal effect encourages cleansing; delivering a myriad of health benefits.  The stone’s natural properties also allow for gentle exfoliation to promote naturally smooth, silky skin and reduce signs of aging.  The ultimate in a soothing, healing and deeply relaxing massage.

60 minutes $75 (includes a pure, organic Himalayan salt treatment for the back)

90 minutes $105 (additionally includes pure, organic Himalayan salt treatments for the face and feet)

Renew Glow -

Our organic glow is a luxurious and invigorating treatment that gives lasting results even after you leave the spa.  Stimulite honeycomb mitts are specially engineered to exfoliate**, stimulate the lymph system, release toxins that produce cellulite, and promote cellular renewal.  Continue on your sensory journey as botanically-infused warm oil is massaged into your skin to increase circulation and promote healing.  Soothing warm towels will prepare your skin for a warm application of replenishing, contouring lotion to firm and lock in moisture.   Treat yourself to a revitalized appearance with the ultimate healthy glow.

**Shaving is not recommended prior to body exfoliation treatments.

60 minutes $75

90 minutes $105 (additionally includes facial treatment and extended massage)

AromaTouch Technique - 

This specialized technique is a clinical approach to the application of essential oils to the back, neck, head, hands, and feet.  The unique benefits of human touch, along with the individual and combined benefits of specifically selected essential oils, create a powerful wellness experience by reducing stress, enhancing immune function, decreasing inflammation, and creating overall balance.

60 minutes $80

Lymphatic Drainage -

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a light-touch, therapeutic technique designed to gently stimulate and direct the movement of the lymphatic system by encouraging elimination of excess lymph and fluid; ultimately relieving lymphedema pressure and enhancing immune function.

30 minutes $50

60 minutes $80

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