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New to our menu...Spa Foot Treatments!

Express Spa Foot Treatment

Relax and elevate your mind!

Includes spa salt foot bath, foot smoothing, buffing and nail shaping*, cuticle conditioning and color.

30 minutes $45


Premium Spa Foot Treatment

Be immersed in serenity as your feet are soothed and softened!

Includes spa salt foot bath, moisturizing exfoliation of feet and calves, foot smoothing, buffing and nail shaping*, cuticle conditioning, hydrating massage, and color.

60 minutes$65


*Nail shaping with Spa Foot Treatments is performed with file only.  No nail clippings.


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Dermaplane Treatment

Dermaplaning is a simple and safe advanced technique using a surgical grade blade with a delicate, feathering touch to exfoliate dead layers of skin away and remove fine facial hair.   Benefits include faster cell regeneration, increased production of collagen and elastin, and helps lighten pigmented spots, smooth out rough skin, and even skin tone.  This treatment additionally allows for enhanced product penetration and ease in makeup application for a far better finish.  Skin will appear youthful, smoother and brighter!   (Treatment cannot be performed if your skin has been compromised. Please refrain from sun exposure and the use of Retin-A for at least 72 hours prior to treatment).

60 minutes $80

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Hydrating Cocoon

A journey of absolute luxury and pure decadence!   Begin your experience with a graceful and meticulous exfoliation* along with a botanically infused organic oil massage to wring the body of stress and tension.  Steaming towels cleanse your skin readying it for a thorough massage application of Eminence's luxurious hydrating body moisturizer**.  As you relax in your warm cocoon, enjoy your hair being brushed as well as a tranquilizing foot massage while the key ingredients of the moisturizer permeate your skin to hydrate, help heal, and repair the appearance of damaged skin.  Come alive again.  Experience the emergence of the new within yourself.

*Shaving is not recommended prior to body exfoliation treatments.

** Seasonal moisturizer.

90 minutes $130

Renew Glow

Our organic glow is a luxurious and invigorating treatment that gives lasting results even after you leave the spa.  Stimulite honeycomb mitts are specially engineered to exfoliate**, stimulate the lymph system, release toxins that produce cellulite, and promote cellular renewal.  Continue on your sensory journey as botanically-infused warm oil is massaged into your skin to increase circulation and promote healing.  Soothing warm towels will prepare your skin for a warm application of replenishing, contouring lotion to firm and lock in moisture.   Treat yourself to a revitalized appearance with the ultimate healthy glow.

**Shaving is not recommended prior to body exfoliation treatments.

60 minutes $75

90 minutes $105 (additionally includes facial treatment and extended massage)

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